Pop Up Workshops – Bringing Small Scale Manufacturing to Town Centre’s

Future Foundry are delighted to have received start up funding from UnLtd to create our first Pop Up Workshop in East Kent.

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Recommended: Young People, Artists, Social Enterprises, Volunteers.

Impact: Business Enterprise in Kent and Young Persons

Special Thanks to: UnLtd, Future Foundry Members

Photo Credit: Future Foundry

Pop Up Workshops

Workshops and Training Oppurtunities

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Our innovative production workshop will create ethical, limited edition, locally sourced products for the local tourist industry. Designed by talented local designers, the production workshops will provide employment for local people, plus creative training and a drop in job club for young unemployed people.

We believe that empty town centre shops could offer perfect workshop space, which, along with training in the skills needed would help people to start – and grow a small business.

Rather than attracting visitors through retail, we could fill the shops with makers –  trades, artisans – people MAKING things – but visibly working – not like the empty silent galleries or frosted windowed artists studio’s prevalent in regenerated creative quarters. The shops can open to sell their goods during weekends and festivals  –and promote multiple sales outlets such as online selling, markets and festivals.

Why not open during highly promoted evenings or weekends – and bring in workers to the empty shops to help support the café’s and local shops.