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Pop Up Shop and Student Makers Festival Folkestone

The Creative Foundation in Folkestone offered us a beautiful old arcade building for the whole of December to create a pop up shop, workshop space and Student Makers Festival.

We raised enough funding to transform the space and put on a programme of inspiring talks and excellent practical workshops through: the Creative Foundations Festival Fund, Shepway District Councils High Street innovation fund and a successful Kickstarter campaign delivered in partnership with the RSA.

‘Young makers are often natural entrepreneurs – creative, innovative and visionary. But to be able to fulfil their creative potential, they first need to survive in this economic climate. We wanted to bring our community together to help them get started –  to supply a space to work, professional skills, connections to people who can help them and places to showcase their talents.’ Lisa Oulton, Director Future Foundry

The aims of the project were:

  • to showcase our home grown creative talent
  • to introduce inspiring and exciting role models
  • to offer awesome workshops in making, online selling, crowdfunding, soc ent, business modelling, printmaking, digital manufacturing
  • to find the most creative and innovative young people in our community and bring them together to see what we can make happen!

The programme of talks and workshops included:

The Importance of Building an Online Portfolio and How to Create a Global Business from your Bedroom by Alex Brownless from the Internation Portfolio Site Arts Thread.

Online Selling by Patricia Van Den Akker from the Design Trust

Face to Face Selling by David Lilford from The Lilford Gallery

Coding, Robotics and Arduino for Designers by hybrid design studio rootoftwo

Kitchen Table Screen Printing with Creative Quarter Artist Susan McKenna

HUGE THANKS to all of our very generous Kickstarter Backers

Cate Bell, Warren Oulton, Lucy Condon, Victoria Bell, Robin Houghton, Sara Burgess, David Cook, Mary Stockton Smith, Chris Kempt, Alan Dix, Barbara Corbett, Royal Society of Arts, Liz Hitchon, David Perry, Claire Nosworthy, Beryl Lowrie, Bryn Smith, Oceana Lucas, Catriona Campbell, Brigitte Orasinski, Steve Coles, Hannah Ross, Greta Hughson, Susan McKenna, Sarah Tucker, Joanna Massie, Jane Haselden, David Hellam, Emma Long, Mairi Ryan, Fen Hiah, James Dellow, Sahra Carter, Rachel Roodhardt, Hasmita Chavda, Andrew Watson, Christine Coleman, Zachary Cooke, Lilian Barton, Hazel Stone, Jon Rainford, Matthew Cain, Mark Petterson, Katy Evans, Carol Jackson, Tessa O’Sullivan, Darren Cockburn, Rolande Anderson, Pater Blach, Sheena Matthews, Nick Arnold, Rick Hall, Dominic Pinto, Ed Whiting, Jasmine Hodge, Kathleen Loveridge, Bryan Zhang and The Crowdfunding Centre.