It’s Who You Meet

 “Young people who have experienced employer engagement activities such as work experience are five times less likely to end up outside education, employment or training.”

Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy, Education and Employers Taskforce

Student Market Training

“It was fantastic. I loved every second of it. It was hard work but it was great to have this opportunity and I felt very supported throughout the process. I got lots of exposure and experience, and am raring to go again.”

Student Trader


 Economic Regeneration

“A stronger and more vibrant market is itself an economic generator for the city, we envisage that this will also support our drive for sustainable growth in the city centre.”

Canterbury City Partnerships

Building Social Capital

“A market is not just a selling space – people visit for conversation and connection, it is a place to exchange ideas, network, meet friends and experience new things.” 

Canterbury Market 

Driving Innovation

“We are excited to give young people and the market the encouragement and skills to stay and thrive in the city whilst driving innovation in our local community.”

Lisa Oulton Director, Future Foundry


Hands On Learning

“This is not a module to be passed, but young people finding out what they need to know in the real world from their own community.”

Creative Student Network


Generation Enterprise

“When humans are gripped by entrepreneurial innovation, they soon find that the world is diverse and complex enough to apply that spirit in all sorts of ways.”

Adam Lent, Royal Society of Art


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