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Future Foundry projects bring together the very different approaches of the retail, business and creative communities to address the problems facing young people, town centres and communities.

Contact us if you’re interested in developing a partnership, a market, a pop up workshop or a bespoke project.

Commissioners, partners and participants:

‘The Student Makers Market started from an idea to create a ‘school for market traders’ and grew from there. Working with Future Foundry and the City Council it has become a roaring success, with national profile and, under Lisa Oulton’s leadership, a unique element of the city’s  start-up programme, Startmybiz which CCP also leads.’ Bob Jones, Canterbury City Partnership 2014

‘We were excited by the potential of the Canterbury Makers Market – the skills development and real life experience it offered students, its potential to strengthen the relationship between students and the community and its aim to enhance and breath new life into a virtually unused area of the city. We believe that this project has the potential to raise aspirations, retain talent and to have a significant impact on the social, cultural and economic future of the city.’ Beth Cuenco, Prosper Programme, Workers of Art

“This was not a module to be passed, but young people finding out what they need to know in the real world from their own community. The market was a huge success and united students from all of the different universities.” Sam Giles, Creative Student Network

“This is a model for the future, Lisa and her project empowering and supporting the next generation to become entrepreneurs really stood out when the RSA asked us to help coach some of their ventures. It’s an excellent model that can, and I’m sure will, be picked up and used in many other places”. Barry James, founder of UK Crowdfunding day and The Crowdfunding Centre

‘CCP’s main objective is to drive growth, jobs and inward investment in Canterbury City Centre; one of our key drivers is generating more business start ups and this collaboration is one strand of that goal, supporting local makers and those working in the creative sector, as well as those for whom this may be an opportunity e.g. NEETs, through developing skills ability and confidence.’ Bob Jones, Canterbury City Partnership 2013

It was fantastic. I loved every second of it. It was hard work but it was great to have this opportunity and I felt very supported throughout the process. I got lots of exposure and experience, and am raring to go again.Fran Haselden, University of Kent at Canterbury